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Why People Declutter Before and After Moving (and Why You Should Do It, Too)

Despite what some people might claim, clutter can’t exactly kill you. It definitely has its negative sides, which we will cover in a bit, but unless you start hoarding to the level of the Collyer Brothers, you’ll be safe. However, clutter will be a major issue if, for example, you’re trying to move. As a Florida resident, you more or less know the difficulties of living in the state, let alone moving house. And yes, movers in Florida know these difficulties just as well. That’s why they always advise people to reduce the number of things they take with them to a new home.

It all comes down to one conclusion — you will need to declutter your home. And yes, we do advise that you do it both before and after the move. This article will let you know precisely why it’s a good idea to get rid of the majority of stuff you don’t need during this extremely stressful, hectic change in your life.

The Cost of Clutter

Believe it or not, that stuff lying around your home is genuinely costing you money. We’ll use the UK as an example here, but the results broadly apply to any country. In the UK, an average homeowner has roughly $677 worth of useless belongings sitting at their home collecting dust. More importantly, all of those items are taking up precious space you might need. And if you were to look for something important in all of that mess, you’ll lose a lot of precious time until you find it.

The Importance of Pre-Move Decluttering

Staying Healthy and Happy

Too much clutter can have serious physical, mental, and psychological effects on the human body. When you have too many items in one space, they will inevitably collect dust and grime. Plus, you risk moths, termites, and other animals making these tight, crammed spaces their home.

By getting rid of all that stuff, you can feel the frustration melt away, allowing you to take a breath and continue doing your thing refreshed.

Breathing Room for You and Your Loved Ones

And since we’re on the subject of taking a breath, you will need a lot of lungfuls when handling a move. So, ask yourself this: do you prefer packing amid chaos, or do you want to have some space to move around and pack unhindered?

The same applies to any friend or family member that wants to help you pack. In order to do it right, you need to declutter all of the mess and devise a complete plan for packing the things you want to keep. That way, your friend can approach helping you move with a clear, rejuvenated mind.

Total Cost Reduction

Moving your clutter is not cheap. In fact, the more items you have, the higher your total price of moving will be. As someone who needs to save money, you will have to consider these costs. When you get rid of most of your items, you’ll save just enough money to start life in your new home properly.

Easy Item Tracking

An average, single-member American apartment usually houses a few tens of thousands of items. And even if you exclude perishables and garbage, the number is still high. Naturally, keeping track of all those items will be difficult since you can very well lose them somewhere.

Once you declutter your home, you will be left with only the items you are sure to take with you. Keeping track of this reduced number is still not easy, but it’s much more economical than the alternative. And with the right tools, you’ll wind up reaching your new home with every little thing you need.

Earning a Little on the Side

You don’t need to get rid of all of your items. Most people donate them to charity organizations like the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and Goodwill. And yes, you can and should definitely do that, or simply visit a local orphanage or church in order to donate. But if you have a lot of items that donations can’t cover, feel free to put them up on sale. Online platforms like eBay and Craigslist are excellent for selling second-hand products quickly and efficiently.

A Sense of Closure

If you leave your old home messy and cluttered, you will inevitably feel bad, like you forgot to do something important. But if you declutter, you can look back at your time there with fond memories. You just closed an important chapter in your life, and you want to do it right for the sake of all the years spent in that home.

The Importance of Post-Move Decluttering

The 2nd Round of Reduction

Decluttering doesn’t end with your old home. Sometimes, you simply cannot get rid of everything, and you end up taking a piece of clutter with you. But that allows you to clear everything up and only retain the important items after you’re done with the move itself.

Earning Some Money

When you’re at your new home, host a garage sale and invite your new neighbors. You’ll be surprised how quickly your useless things will be sold out. And that money can be an important life raft for you, at least for a month or two.

Earning Some Karma

Garage sales are a great way to connect to your neighbors. But don’t forget donations and giveaways. If you donate all of your clutter to charity or simply host a neighborhood giveaway, you’ll show your new neighbors what kind of an individual you are. They will instantly connect with you, and you’ll probably form a few new friendships along the way.

Off to a Fresh Start

What happens when you finally move in and use that hectic moving energy to declutter everything right after unboxing? Well, you feel renewed, relaxed, and destressed. You can just kick back and enjoy a few minutes of silence in your new, freshly cleaned home.

Turning Clutter into Art

Some people who can’t get rid of their clutter simply blend it with the design of their home, turning this problem into a bit of a maximalist art form. Dubbed cluttercore, this phenomenon has been gaining traction in the past decade or so. Homeowners are finding creative ways of turning their excess belongings into an integral part of their home’s identity. That’s why you’ll see knick-knacks framed as art pieces, books strewn on the floor as decoration, and everyday hygiene items blending with the decor. If you can’t get rid of some of the clutter, simply convert it into something with aesthetic value.

Decluttering: In Summation

All in all, decluttering is an absolute must for any homeowner who decides to move, be it in Florida or anywhere else. And if you do it right, your mind, body, and soul will definitely feel a certain dose of tranquility and peace.

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