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Expert Advice on Getting Your Family to Help with Home Organization

It takes time, effort and intention to create a well organized space and not everyone realizes this. From kids to husbands and guests it can be overwhelming to constantly be tidying.

Here's what we know works:

1. Label! Using the PTouch cube, where a simple to use app on your phone sends the cube your design to print, label everything communal. If the kids can't read - training or photo labels will do the trick. Labels act as a set of instructions for the home. Without them, the intention behind the space can be lost and not adhered to in the way we would like.

2. Use containers that work best for all users in each space. For instance; in a kids playroom it can be challenging to get kids to use what is in bins with lids (out of sight, out of mind) and put everything back with the lid - never mind stacking the bins! Opt for containers and shelving that allow for simple, easy organization that kids will use - no lids, colorful and labeled accordingly so they know what to put where.

3. Routine. Make tidying a routine for all members of the family. Kids and husbands included! This allows everyone to respect the organization, understand why it exists and follow its rules with knowledge and power. Of course, this isn't always so easy. Baby steps and compromise will almost always help.

If you can't or simply don't want to set the rules of organization in your home - we can. We can organize your items in ways that work for everyone and make it look great too!

Happy Organizing!

Simply Spacial

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