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Get the look you want! Whether you are on a budget or want to organize on your own, our virtual organizing services provide the value you need to complete your organizing project. Using Zoom or Facetime, we will meet you on screen. Walk us through the space you need help with and we will give you the guidance you need. 


Face-to-face video chat

$250 /2.5HRS

Complimentary 20 minute phone consultation





Additional time: 90/HR

Session 1:  purging, sorting, measuring 

Session 2:  remaining items, aesthetic preferences

30 mintues alotted for organizer to shop for products

Session 3:  Implement products 

Session 4:  Assess final work & adjust as needed


Face-to-face video chat


Complimentary 20 minute phone consultation


May be broken down into multiple sessions


Additional time: $90/HR

Questions, Product recommendations, Organizing advice, Product placement suggestions

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"I wholeheartedly recommend Simply Spacial to reclaim your space, time and sanity! Kim was a delight to work with. Her advice and product recommendations for my pantry worked fabulously!

Karla B.

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"I couldn't figure out what to do with my closet. It's small, awkward and it bothers me. I worked with Kim virtually as we installed new shelving and ordered new product. The end result is phenomenal. I can't recommend Kim enough."

Willow L.

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"Kim is an amazing organizer who is very gentle and understanding.  Meeting virtually was easier than I thought. I learned a ton and my bathroom and closet organization is perfect!"

Lauren T.