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 Lakewood Ranch Professional Home Organizer

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Kim has been helping clients out in Lakewood Ranch ever since she first moved to Florida.  

People move to Lakewood for the open trails and gorgeous lakes, but coming home to a cluttered house can sour an otherwise perfect day. An organized home makes sure you wake up prepared and fall asleep relaxed.

With Simply Spacial, you'll look forward to coming home.


Monday: 9am – 5pm
Tuesday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday: 9am – 5pm
Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

"We are so happy with the results. Kim and Emily were a pleasure to work with; they have a positive, can-do mindset and are genuinely nice ladies to have in our home. We can find what we are looking for and there is no clutter. It looks great, too!"

Helen C.

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Common Lakewood ranch Questions

How far is Sarasota from Lakewood Ranch?

Get Directions

The 11-mile trip normally takes around 20 minutes, but on the weekends it can take 25 minutes.

How far is Lakewood Ranch Florida from the beach?

The closest beach to Lakewood Ranch is Bradenton Beach, which is 21 miles. It's rare to see much traffic on the way. The trip usually only takes about 30 minutes.

Is Lakewood Ranch a good place to live?

Lakewood Ranch is a wonderful place to live. The town has won multiple awards for "top master-planned community", "best golf community", and "best wellness community."

Does Lakewood Ranch have alligators?

As is the case for many places in Florida, it's common to see alligators in Lakewood Ranch. They almost always keep to themselves though, so it's not something to worry about.

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