Kimberly Reynolds is the founder of Simply Spacial Professional Organizing

in Sarasota, Florida. Kim attended school for Interior Design at Suffolk University

in Boston. She quickly realized that her passion for creating beautiful streamlined

spaces was best applied through professional organizing.


While at Suffolk, Kim had the opportunity to attend her father's 

business management classes at Harvard Business School. It was through

her Father, his career and classes, that Kim learned she had a similar gift to

manage and motivate others to do an impeccable job. Through

entrepreneurship, Kim's vision, passion, and ability were combined

to create seamless business systems, a flourishing work environment and

an impeccable service.

Kim's vast understanding of organizing and design principals make

her a sought after expert in the field. Her love of order, simplicity and

beauty translates into beautiful, organized spaces her clients fall in love

with over and over again. ​


Kim consistently witnesses her clients become brighter in spirit and

stronger in their abilities. "It's an empowering experience.

There are few goals too far from reach when you are organized and happy."

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